We live in unprecedented times as cricket aficionados today can enjoy the sport on a whole different level thanks to fantasy cricket games and even with the same men and women they admire and look up to. 

While fans always connected with the sport by watching on TV, fantasy gaming offers a level of interactivity that just makes the whole experience of consuming the sport that much more engrossing and personal.

As per a report by Google-KPMG, India's online gaming industry is pegged to hit $1.1bn by 2021. This is no doubt helped by the growth of India's digital infrastructure and the massive popularity and adoption of smartphones by nearly the entire population.

It has led to a dense competition among fantasy apps to push the limits to find an edge to offer the player an incentive to play their product. These prizes make the endeavour increasingly rewarding for the players, including both the casual and hardcore gamers. It has led to millions of Indians participating in daily contests during matches.

What fuels the passion is that it's not just about luck but you have to possess solid knowledge of the sport and be skilful with your picks to capitalise properly on the outcome.

This is where bringing in actual players of the game adds another layer of involvement. Some fantasy apps have started contests where teams selected by users go up against teams formed by big names from the sport, and users who beat the teams selected by the actual cricketers stand to win big.

It is, therefore, a truly good time to be a sports fan right now and also no wonder that a sport that Indians follow as religiously as cricket is helping drive the growth of fantasy gaming in India.

Feature image courtesy: AFP / Punit Paranjpe