Chris Gayle, also affectionately known as the Universe Boss, has always been one of cricket’s great entertainers both on and off the field. A giant on the field who can smash the ball out of stadiums and fun-loving character off it, Gayle has been playing for Punjab in the Indian T20 League since the 2018 season. 

His dancing moves and extravagant celebrations have always made him standout, so it’s not much of a surprise that the flamboyant left-hander has taken a liking to the Punjabi folk dance ‘Bhangra’. 

While he hails from the land of the reggae, the Punjabi ‘Bhangra’ is something that Gayle has developed an affinity towards over the years. He’s often been found grooving to the Bhangra with his different team-mates during ad shoots, team bonding sessions and other fun off-field activities. 

Here are a few occasions when the swashbuckling megastar rocked to Punjabi swag with effortless ease to the surprise of many around him.

Learning to speak Punjabi

Gayle’s love for Punjabi has seen him wanting to learn the language as revealed by fast bowler Mohammed Shami earlier this year. During a post-match interview in the first half of the Indian T20 League, Shami mentioned Gayle’s love for Indian culture and how the Jamaican suddenly starts speaking in hindi while players are conversing in English. The Indian pacer also revealed that he often hums hindi songs and learns Punjabi from cricketers hailing from the Punjab region.  

‘Punjabi Daddy’ music video

The Caribbean superstar adorned the Punjabi look for his new music video titled ‘Punjabi Daddy’ which is slated to be released soon. He was spotted wearing a red-colored turban in a few snaps that he uploaded on his social media handles during the shoot. 

Bhangra with Virat & Co.

The Universe Boss was also seen shaking his legs in one of the post-match celebrations during his time with Team Bangalore in the Indian T20 League in 2016. He could be seen swaying to the Bhangra beats with Virat Kohli and teammate Mandeep Singh.

Doing Bhangra at Global T20 Canada

Playing for Vancouver Knights in the Canada-based franchise league, the stylish West Indian came into his own elements once again and was seen dancing to Punjabi songs with his countryman Andre Russell and friend Yuvraj Singh.

Featured photo: AFP / Sajjad Hussain