The CGM Communications Community Cricket World Cup 2021 is all set to get underway from Friday, September 17 in Belmont, Perth. Five teams will compete in the tournament that will be played in the T10 format over a span of two days. 

Australia WA, Croatia WA, India WA, Indigenous WA and Southern Africa WA are the teams participating in the tournament. Former Australian spinner and tournament ambassador Brad Hogg is among the prominent names featuring in the Community Cricket World Cup 2021. 

“Due to the restrictions of travel, it is disappointing that the tournament can’t be played in Croatia, as it is an important foundation to grow and expand the game in the region,” Brad Hogg said in a statement.  

“Cricket wants to be a global sport and initiatives like this help to spread the game. It is great that the organizers have kept the momentum of the tournament going by having the tournament in Perth, to keep up its awareness. A big thanks to the sponsors for getting on board and the city of Belmont. Looking forward to taking on some great cricketers over the two days.” 

India WA will be up against Indigenous WA in the first match of the Community Cricket World Cup 2021. 

Community Cricket World Cup 2021 schedule, fixtures

Friday, September 17

India WA vs Indigenous WA 

Croatia WA vs Sothern Africa WA

Australia WA vs Indigenous WA 

Croatia WA vs India WA 

Australia WA vs Southern Africa WA

Saturday, September 18

Indigenous WA vs Southern Africa WA 

Croatia WA vs Australia WA

Southern Africa WA vs India WA

Croatia WA vs Indigenous WA 

Australia WA vs India WA 

Community Cricket World Cup 2021 teams and squads

Australia WA: Brodie Taylor, Jason Cook (captain), Nick Manifis, Gerard Wyeth, Royce Blight, Julien Goodall, Jacob Sands, Ben Norton, Brad Thompson, Sean Thompson (wicket-keeper), Chris Samson, John Kuljis (wicket-keeper)

Croatia WA: Daniel Turkich, Jason Kalamaras, Jeff Grzinic, Michael Grzinic (captain), Dorry Grzinic (wicket-keeper), Brad Hogg, Michael Turkich, Dhamon Kalamaras, Jason Hill, Chris Turkich, Luke Potthoff, Anthony Kosovich, Boro Jerkovic 

India WA: Sunny Khokar, Ankit Battan, Ravi Kumar, Amit Amit, Vickram Singh, Karan Mann, Pardeep Choudhary, Ravinder Hundal, Neket Shah (wicket-keeper), Sandeep Sharma, Ghani Patel, Ash Dahiya (captain)

Indigenous WA: Matthew Abrahamson, Michael Bailey, Bevan Bennell, Jayden Bennell, Ronald Cox, Clint Dann (captain), Tim Dann, Brendan Degois, Winston Jackson, Rodney May (wicket-keeper), Ashley Taylor, Keren Ugle, Malcolm Williams

Southern Africa WA: Andy Walton (captain), Justin Cootzee, Brett Williams, Gavin Constable (wicket-keeper), Gavin Parker (wicket-keeper), John Campbell, Greg Manning, Stephen Penney, Kurt Penney, Rob Eskanarzi, Brett Klumper, Sean Penney, Craig Musson

Featured photo: Prakash Singh / AFP