The term ‘trail’ is used frequently in Test cricket or First-class cricket. Trail meaning in cricket refers to the difference in the number of runs scored by the two teams in the ongoing match.

Each team is allowed to play two innings each for a duration of at least three days or more in First-class cricket. In case of Test cricket, the match is scheduled to last for up to five days.  

The main objective during cricket’s longest format is to score more runs than the opposition, and also bowl them out for a lesser total. Teams have 10 wickets to play with in each of their innings.

However, teams have the option to declare their innings when the captain of the batting team feels that they have enough runs on the board to get a result. 

This basically means a team doesn’t need to lose all 10 of their wickets for there to be a change in innings if the batting captain himself feels that his side has enough runs on the scoreboard and wants to declare.

According to cricket rules, the batting team needs to overtake the opposition’s total in the fourth innings without losing all 10 wickets to win the match.

On the other hand, if the bowling team manages to pick all 10 wickets in the fourth innings before the batting team reaches the required target, the bowling side will win the match.

Meanwhile, the match will end in a draw if the batting team fails to reach the required total, and they still have wickets in hand as time perishes.

During the first three innings of a Test or a First-class game, the term ‘trail’ is used commonly. Know trail meaning in cricket.

Trail meaning in cricket

Trail meaning in cricket refers to the amount of runs a batting team is behind by when compared to the runs scored by the opposition that batted previously. It is the opposite of lead.

For example, if you read that India trail by 300 runs in Test cricket, it means that the Indian cricket team is currently behind by 300 runs compared to their opponent’s total in the ongoing match. 

In essence, it indicates the difference in the number of runs scored by the two teams, with India being the team that is trailing.

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