The rules of cricket clearly denote ten ways in which a batsman can be dismissed on the field. However, a few instances pop up during the game that leaves us baffled and the umpires scratching their heads.

In a comedy of errors, these encounters have sparked huge debates in the past giving us numerous peculiar moments and reminding us that the game still has grey areas which make it all the more exciting and challenging. Yuvraj Singh’s unusual dismissal in the ongoing Global T20 League in Canada has refreshed our memories about such bizarre dismissals that took place in the past.

Here we have handpicked five occasions where the dismissals truly were the headline of the day.

SACHIN TENDULKAR: Shoulder before wicket

The Master Blaster was in full swing taking the attack to the Australians in their own backyard in 1999. However, during the fourth day of the first Test between India and Australia at the Adelaide Oval, Sachin Tendulkar made a poor call. Glenn McGrath pulled out a trick from his hat and pitched a short delivery to which Tendulkar ducked.

The ball hit his shoulder and the entire Australian team went in to appeal. Umpire Daryl Harper committed the gravest mistake of his career which he regrets till date. Sachin was given out and India were left reeling at 61/5. Many in the cricketing fraternity condemned the decision but unfortunately on the day, Tendulkar walked back to the pavilion shaking his head.


Can you imagine missing your flight and being declared out because of it? The story behind West Indian batsman Vasbert Drakes is one of misfortune and the rule of cricket which has only been used a handful of times in the past — Time Out.

Drakes was supposed to play a first-class game in South Africa while being a part of the Champions Trophy squad in 2002. The weather wasn’t on Drakes’ side this time as his flight from Colombo was delayed and he wasn’t present on Day 1 of the match. Since his unavailability was factored in, he was declared out.

AB DE VILLIERS: Caught on a No-Ball

In a Test match against Bangladesh, the South African firecracker played a miscued pull-shot which was caught by the bowler. As one would have it, it seemed like a simple catch to dismiss a batsman.

Except de Villiers had batted away Mohammad Ashraful's delivery without a care in the world, expecting it to be called a no-ball. This was because the ball had bounced twice before reaching him. Thus, not just the spectators, but de Villiers himself was left baffled after being declared out by the umpire.

INZAMAM-UL-HAQ: Obstructing the field

In an ODI encounter against arch-rivals India, Inzamam-ul-Haq did something completely out of his system. While chasing a 328-run target, the Pakistani skipper played Sreesanth’s delivery towards mid-off.

Suresh Raina was on alert as he saw Inzamam out of his crease and threw the ball towards the striker’s end in order to create a chance of a run-out. In a moment of hurry, Inzamam blocked the ball directed in front of the stumps with his bat and the Indian players were quick to appeal. Simon Taufel didn’t have any of it and sent him packing straight back to the pavilion.

YUVRAJ SINGH: Wrongly Stumped

While playing in the Global T20 League in Canada for Toronto Nationals recently, the Indian left-hander faced the most absurd dismissal of his career. Yuvraj, who walked in at No. 4 and was struggling to put bat to ball, got a faint edge in the 17th over bowled by Vancouver Knight’s medium pacer Rizwan Cheema.

Wicketkeeper Tobias Visse dropped the catch behind, and the ball fell directly on the stumps while Yuvraj was still at the crease. He walked off but the replays clearly displayed he was not out by miles.

Quite bizarre, one might say! Know of some more? Share with us in the comments.

Feature image courtesy: AFP / William West