What makes a game of cricket interesting? Sometimes it’s the on-field action, while sometimes in the manner in which it’s captured. But none of this is ever complete with an influx of commentary that keep you glued to the television sets.

The ICC World Cup isn’t alien to this phenomenon. Over the years, we have seen some of the best moments from the game etched in our memories, largely because of the commentary that accompanied it. Here’s a look at five of such moments from various ICC events.

CARLOS BRATHWAITE, Remember the name

If you were one of the unlucky ones to not find a ticket to the 2016 ICC World T20 final in Kolkata, then this moment of brilliance from Ian Bishop more than made up for the miss.

A game that swung in either team’s favour throughout the 40 overs, it came down to the very last over to decide where the T20 crown would eventually head. Needing 19 runs of the last over, no one gave Brathwaite any chance of chasing the target of 156 set by England. But the man from Barbados had other plans as he unleashed the wrath of pure power-hitting on Ben Stokes and send the ball flying out of the boundary not once, not twice, but four times to help the Windies lift the title.

Adding the much-needed life and energy into this act was Bishop who concluded his monologue by warning the viewers: “CARLOS BRATHWAITE, Remember the name”

DHONI, finishes it off in style

He might be missing from the commentary box given his role as the head coach of the Indian team, but Ravi Shastri ensured that he gave us some gems to remember when on comms duty.

And if you are an Indian fan, nothing sticks out like the 2011 ICC World Cup final. Needing five of 12 balls to hand India the world title after 28 years, it was their skipper who decided to take matters into his own hands.

Having brought on strike after a single of the first ball from Nuwan Kulasekara’s 49th over, Dhoni wasted no time as he smashed a six of the next to finish the game in a manner he knows best. And then it was Sashtri who did what he knew best.

What a little beauty

He was undoubtedly one of the best behind the mic. One of the most loved commentators of the generations, Tony Greig, had the ability to engage the viewer. Even during mundane passages of play made him a standout exponent of the art of commentary. Here’s a bit from the genius during 1996 World Cup quarterfinal between India and Pakistan.

Yuvraj Singh finishes things off in style

By now, you might have guessed who the commentator is. A man, known for his style and delivery — Ravi Shastri. The former Indian international was once again on comms duty when a certain Yuvraj Singh decided to take Stuart Board to task at the 2007 World T20.

Six sixes in an over and each better than the previous. Yuvraj was on song as he dismantled the English pacer in the group stage of the competition. And, my word, didn’t Sashtri do justice to this historic moment.

The dream is diminished

If ever the highest and the lowest point of your career be wedded into one commentator, then hope and pray that man is Ian Bishop. However, for Carlos Braithwaite, he doesn’t have to anymore.

Bishop was once again on duty when Braithwaite almost pulled the Windies out of the clutches of defeat in their World Cup group stage game in Manchester against New Zealand. Though the result didn’t go their way, that didn’t stop Bishop from adding life into the moment on air.

Feature image courtesy: Twitter/ @bbctms