There's a growing sense of concern amongst cricketing faithful and probably even the selectors given that the World Cup is soon approaching. Some believe India are well equipped, while the ultras believe that's the only problem that might sink the ship.

To be in the situation of choosing an option from many usually leads one to the state of confusion and dilemma, and to say the Indian selectors will be in one when the World Cup comes knocking would be an utter understatement to make here.

Given the plethora of talent India have at their disposal, the harsh reality remains that there are only 11 places to be filled; out of which say 70% are just occupied by either veterans or by those who need no justification.  

For the rest, well they need to do their auditioning. A category where a certain Rishabh Pant falls in. There's is no denying the fact that Pant is adored by Indian fans and maybe even more by Aussies by now. An entertaining character, to say the least. But cricket demands numbers; numbers that can back you; numbers that Pant needs to deliver when Australia play their 5-match series. Because let's be honest here; that will be the final jigsaw which will define his prospects of getting into a team sheet during The World Cup.

Pant has undoubtedly announced himself on the red-ball format, there is no denying the fact. His inconsistent culminations in the limited-overs fixtures though is something that proves to be a hindrance. The 21-year-old has scored just one half- Century in three ODIs and 15 T20Is combined.

But while his T20I and ODI numbers remain a debacle, his IPL form has been a different ball game altogether. Averaging an impressive 35.65 at a strike rate of 162.71, the 21-year-old has garnered 1248 – half of which came in 2018 alone - runs in just 38 matches. The unfortunate materiality though is the fact that he has failed to translate his IPL form in either T20Is or even ODIs.

The Tamil Nadu batsman hasn't lived upto the hype, but what distinguishes his to Pant is maturity and experience required at The top level. Maturity in terms of the situation they are playing in. For Pant, he sometimes seems in two different minds. He lacks that ability to make instant decisions; whether to go on charge right from scratch or to take his time and Establish his front.

And unfinished product. Eightly said.

But can you solely blame Pant for that? You need to ask whether he was awarded enough opportunities to prove? But at the same time; did he capitalize the chances he was afforded? Well, it remains a subjective debate, to say the least.

The Indian batting order is ultimately guarded by Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, followed by another steady personnel in Virat Kohli. So where does Rishabh Pant fits? A place as a wicket-keeper batsman is far from any stretch of imagination due to the ever- The glazing presence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. More of a pinch-hitter, maybe? Pant's position in the batting order will float given the gravity of the situation, and this is where he needs to keep his mind in right place.

All things being said, before living the lucid dream, let's just hope Pant accredits the audition when the Australia series kicks off on the 3rd of March.