The ICC Test mace is an award given to the winner of the ICC World Test Championship, which is a league competition for Test match cricket organized by cricket’s governing body the International Cricket Council. 

However, previously from 2003 to 2019, the Test mace would be awarded to the top-ranked Test team in the ICC Test Championship.

The ICC Test Championship winners were determined by a ranking system for Test teams from 2003 to 2019. It had a cut-off date of April 1 every year when the ICC Test mace was handed to the top-ranked team along with a cash prize.

Since 2003, five teams have won the ICC Test mace. Australia are the most successful team, having held the mace a record nine times. 

South Africa had it for three years from 2013-2015. Prior to South Africa’s time at the top of the ICC Test Championship, England held the mace for a solitary year in 2012. 

Australia are the current holders of the ICC Test mace. However, they did not win it by being on top of the ranking system at the cut-off date. 

The Australians got their hands on the mace after winning the second edition of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC) following a 209-run win in the final against India in June 2023. New Zealand were the inaugural champions of WTC in June 2021.

ICC Test mace winners list

Year Winners
April 2003 Australia
April 2004 Australia
April 2005 Australia
April 2006 Australia
April 2007 Australia
April 2008 Australia
April 2009 Australia
April 2010 India
April 2011 India
April 2012 England
April 2013 South Africa
April 2014 South Africa
April 2015 South Africa
April 2016 Australia
April 2017 India
April 2018 India
April 2019 India
June 2021 New Zealand*
June 2023 Australia*

*Test mace awarded to the winner of ICC World Test Championship

How many Test maces does India have?

The Indian cricket team has won the ICC Test mace five times, with the last coming in 2019.

India first claimed the ICC Test mace under MS Dhoni, who won it twice in his tenure as skipper. They surrendered it to England in April 2012 but Virat Kohli’s all-conquering Test side regained the ICC Test mace in 2017 and went on to retain it in 2018 and 2019.

Author: William Paul

Featured photo: AFP / Glyn Kirk