The Twitterati dragged Hardik Pandya into another controversy until veteran bowler Zaheer Khan stepped in.

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If there's one thing that has been held against social media, it is the judgemental mentality of people. This has sprung many controversies but the latest, or rather the trending one, is how Hardik Pandya wished Zaheer Khan on his birthday.

In a tweet, the Mumbai Indians all-rounder wished the former Indian fast bowler with a video showing Hardik smashing Zaheer for a six. The tweet read: "Happy birthday Zak ... Hope you smash it out of the park like I did here"

What could have been great material for some banter did not go down well with the fans who immediately bashed Pandya for his attitude.

Even reputed journalists took to Twitter to comment on Hardik's "classless" act.

In the midst of all this ruckus, what was silently forgotten was the fact that nobody actually knew the equation between Hardik Pandya and Zaheer Khan. An easy prey, Hardik's comments in a famous talk show hadn't gone down with the public and his larger than life image has also sparked social media outrage.

But here, just perhaps, there rested the possibility that Hardik was possibly only putting out a tweet in jest. A light banter never hurt anyone but clearly Twitterati decided to make a meal out of it.

The voices should have shut down after Zaheer himself came up with an equally funny banter in response.

Zaheer's light hearted response suggests that Hardik's comment was well met and received rather than the preposterous assumptions and even conclusions that social media reached. However, Twitter being Twitter, it generated another series of trolls with Hardik once again at the butt end of the jokes.

Instead of the evident conclusion that Hardik was perhaps only making light banter with someone who is good friends with him, Twitterati decided that Zaheer had shut Hardik's mouth.

Let's just say, some things just don't change.

Featured image courtesy: AFP/ Dibyangshu Sarkar