The ICC Cricket World Cup has taken Great Britain by storm with the entire island basking in the excitement of the festival. With fans pouring in from countries around the world, there’s no dearth of support for the cricketers. However, one particular fan stands out from the rest!

He’s famous. He’s ginger. He’s handsome. He’s a Taunton resident. He’s an honorary member of the Somerset County Cricket Club. He has all the stadium gossips. And he’s a cat.

You read that right. Not only is he a member at the club with a dedicated page on their web address, but also has a Twitter handle (@SCCCBrianTheCat) and a full-fledged website to his name. Do check them out later!

The feline was first spotted in 2013, though nobody is quite sure when he started living there. He was named Brian after one of the club employees, Brian Lee, as he had a similar hairstyle to him.

It can be easily assumed that Brian did not think twice before seizing the opportunity to make Taunton his adopted home. He has acres of lush green grass to laze on under the sun, the opportunity to witness as much cricket as he wants and also, thanks to his cuteness, a steady flow of head scratches and cuddles every summer when people come into the stadium to watch cricket.

Taunton has hosted three matches this World Cup with the last being on Monday, and in all the three matches, Brian’s guest appearances have grabbed eyeballs. He loves being surrounded by people and the people love him back. Sometimes a little too much!

However, Brian is not just your ordinary feline. His years of experience around the stadium has given him enough insight into the sport, something which he doesn’t take too lightly. When he was asked to choose his own ‘World Cat Squad’, he ensured he picked up some talented players. Do have a look if your favourite cricketer made it to the coveted list:

Though Taunton may not host any other World Cup game this edition, ensure that the next time you’re around the stadium or in Somerset, you give him a visit. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to click a picture or get a scratch or two. Do try your luck!

Featured photo courtesy: AFP / Saeed Khan