The India cricket team have traditionally dominated the Asia Cup winners list since its inception in 1983.

Organised by the Asian Cricket Council, the inaugural edition of the Asia Cup was held in Sharjah in UAE in 1984. India defeated Sri Lanka in the final to clinch the first-ever Asia Cup.

The Asia Cup was originally scheduled to be held every two years. In 2016, ICC announced that the tournament would alternate every two years between ODI and T20 formats depending on the format of the upcoming world events. As many as 14 editions of the Asia Cup have been completed so far.

India are the most successful team in the tournament, winning seven titles (six ODI and one T20). Meanwhile, Sri Lanka have been the second most successful side, clinching six titles.

Additionally, Sri Lanka have played the most Asia Cups (14). India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have participated in 13 editions of the tournament.

Sri Lanka are the reigning champions of the Asia Cup, having defeated Pakistan by 23 runs in the 2022 final at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Asia Cup winners list

Year Format Host Winner Runner-up
1984 ODI UAE India Sri Lanka
1986 ODI Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Pakistan
1988 ODI Bangladesh India Sri Lanka
1990/91 ODI India India Sri Lanka
1995 ODI UAE India Sri Lanka
1997 ODI Sri Lanka Sri Lanka India
2000 ODI Bangladesh Pakistan Sri Lanka
2004 ODI Sri Lanka Sri Lanka India
2008 ODI Pakistan Sri Lanka India
2010 ODI Sri Lanka India Sri Lanka
2012 ODI Bangladesh Pakistan Bangladesh
2014 ODI Bangladesh Sri Lanka Pakistan
2016 T20 Bangladesh India Bangladesh
2018 ODI UAE India Bangladesh
2022 T20 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Pakistan

Featured photo: SURJEET YADAV / AFP