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In 'Dier' straits: Eric Dier's Carabao Cup emergency

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When nature calls, it has to be answered, and that's what we saw with Eric Dier during Tuesday night's Carabao Cup match against Chelsea. The defender was spotted scurrying off the pitch with coach Jose Mourinho in hot pursuit!

Keep in mind that Spurs were down 0-1 with 15 minutes left on the clock and Dier's sudden disappearance reduced them down to 10 men so it's understandable why Mourinho dashed after his player to try to get him to cut short his unplanned restroom sojourn and get back in the game.

The story had more than one happy ending, however, as after Dier offloaded his troubles, he was able to help in Erik Lamela's successful effort in nailing the equaliser and forcing a penalty shootout that Spurs won 5-4, with none other than Dier scoring the first spot-kick.

We round up some of the best (read funniest) reactions, starting with this quip by Gary Linekar, who didn't even wait to reach the restroom back in the day:

For perspective:



Feature image courtesy: AFP / Clive Rose

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