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Virtual Cricket Matches: All you need to know

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Tournament overview

The inaugural edition of the Virtual Cricket Matches is all set to kick in motion from July 7, 2020, and will see India (cyber), England (cyber), Australia (cyber) and New Zealand (cyber) face off against each other in an exciting one-day tournament, in what will be a first for these virtual nations to come together for live e-cricket T20 games!

Match rules

Each fixture will stick to the traditional 10 wickets per innings and will have the two sides playing 20 overs each.

Match date and timings

The Virtual Cricket Matches will be held on July 7. The first match will begin at 9 AM IST and will see India (cyber) play against Australia (cyber) while the second, between New Zealand (cyber) and England (cyber), gets underway at 11:30 AM.

The fixtures list and match scores of completed matches will be recorded and accessible exclusively on

Stream details

The Virtual Cricket Matches can be enjoyed on the website, where you can watch live streams of the action while raising the stakes. Streaming will begin at 9 AM IST.

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