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Indian T20 League’s big money can add huge pressure: Yuvraj Singh

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Former India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh has said that the pressure of going for big money in an Indian T20 League auction brings huge pressure, especially when things aren’t going your way on the field. 

The 38-year-old holds the record of being the most expensive purchase in an Indian T20 League auction when he was bought for a whopping Rs 16 crore by Delhi in 2015. However, he endured a poor season with the capital outfit, managing to score just 248 runs in 14 matches, averaging 19.07.

Speaking to former India teammate, Mohammad Kaif in an Instagram live session, Yuvraj said: “The pressure is felt because of the big money. I won't say it changes a player. Now when you climb the success ladder, people try to drag you down.”

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The southpaw also said that people try to bring the players down by claiming all the money spent was going to waste after a few poor performances on the field.

"See the point is...pressure is there because when you get out and don't perform, they say he is getting so much money and not performing. Negative news sells more and those things affect you. My advice to all youngsters would be to stay away from TV and newspapers," the 38-year old added.

Yuvraj and Kaif were arguably two of India’s best fielders during their prime, and while speaking about it, the 2011 World Cup hero said although he was athletic, he had did not have much idea about fielding in his early years.

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"I was very athletic. I was quick. But fielding i did not have too much idea. In the first Ranji match I was playing, I was 15-16 years. I misfielded and next day article came out Yuvraj Singh 'gateway of India'.

"My father read that. He said now I will see how you don't improve your fielding. Then I started getting better and body also got stronger."

The Indian T20 League, meanwhile, was initially scheduled to start on March 29 before it was pushed back to April 15 due to the global virus pandemic. The tournament was later postponed indefinitely after the nationwide lockdown in the country was extended until May 3.

Feature image courtesy: AFP / Sajjad Hussain

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