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Why is India a top market for gaming industry

The growth of digital infrastructure in India is expected to send a shock wave in the coming years, with gaming experts expecting a substantial rise in the gaming industry. It is said that the industry is expected to grow to $3,750 million by 2024, which translates to roughly 41% of rise. India's entry in the online gaming space in such a short period of time has been fabulous, to say the least. The kind of platform the established companies likes Junglee Rummy, or even Dream XI per se, allow users to have variety right from money-driven contests to casual games and even e-sports.

As per several reports, there are over 628 million gamers, and India is seen as one of the top markets to target as 60% of India's online gamers are aged 18-24. India's upsurge in the gaming market can be understood by the fact that gaming no longer requires high-end equipment. With mobile phones becoming powerful and data being driven cheap, everything is affordable. And this is the reason why games are the most downloaded apps on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

The next step from hereon is to allow gamers to have multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bangla and Marathi, and a lot of platforms have already taken the initiative. Meanwhile, the contribution of digital payment has played it's it part in the progress too. With the mode of money transaction now becoming easier than ever, users are having little difficulties in the entire process.

A survey in 2019 revealed that India had 500 million smartphone users in 2019 and the figure boomed by 11% by mid-March and 44% by mid-May. There's simply no looking back as they only way from here is up.

Feature image courtesy: AFP / Sajjad Hussain

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