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Maximum men: Batsmen with the most sixes in international cricket

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Hitting a six is widely considered to be one of the biggest game-changing abilities that a batter could possess in modern-day cricket. With the sport having largely moved away from the classic five-day long format to limited-overs cricket, the significance of big-hitters today cannot be stressed enough.

That said, here’s a list of batsmen with the most sixes in international cricket.

Chris Gayle - 535 sixes

Making his international debut in 1999, the towering West Indies opener has mostly dealt in sixes. Chris Gayle holds the record for the most number of sixes in international cricket with 535 from 465 matches across all three formats. This means that the Universe Boss has scored 3,210 runs out of his 19,350-run tally in sixes alone.

Chris Gayle has hit 98 sixes in 103 Test matches, 331 sixes in 301 ODIs and 106 sixes in 61 T20Is.

Shahid Afridi - 476 sixes

The former Pakistan all-rounder was yet another individual who liked to score only in maximums. Shahid Afridi, a middle-order batsman who made his debut in 1996, featured in 524 international matches. Afridi hit a total of 476 sixes on the international stage, bringing up 2,856 of his 11,196 run-tally in sixes.

Afridi played only 27 Test matches in his career but managed to hit 52 sixes in them. However, his six-hitting ability shone the brightest in the 50-over format, where he hit a whopping 351 sixes in 398 ODIs. The twenty-over format suited his style as well, where Afridi slogged 73 sixes in 99 T20Is.

Rohit Sharma - 436 sixes

Star Indian opener Rohit Sharma has made quite a name for himself for his effortless six-hitting ability. Making his debut in 2007, Rohit Sharma has played only 376 matches so far, where he has hit 436 sixes. Aptly nicknamed the ‘Hitman,’ Sharma has scored 2,616 out of his current run tally of 14,684 runs in sixes.

Rohit Sharma has played 38 Test matches so far and has managed to hit 59 sixes in them. His record, quite unsurprisingly, gets better in the limited-overs cricket, where he has hit 244 sixes in 227 ODIs and 133 sixes in 111 T20Is.

Players with the most of sixes in international cricket


Player (country)



Chris Gayle (West Indies)



Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)



Rohit Sharma (India)



B McCullum (New Zealand)



MS Dhoni (India)



Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)



Martin Guptill (New Zealand)



Eoin Morgan (England)



AB de Villiers (South Africa)



Ross Taylor (New Zealand)



Featured Image: AFP/ Ishara S Kodikara

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